Newsvoice is a very simple and user friendly app. I have a hard time navigating the latest technologies and apps. I am a person who is in his fifties and not so technologically sound like a lot of people. I do manage to get by with the basic knowledge of how to operate a mobile. My friend recommended this app to me and I tried it out. It is really simple to use. Navigating the app was very easy and I really liked how I didn’t have to keep asking my son for advice on how to use the app.

I can listen to the news instead of having to read it. Every morning I really enjoy the time I spend listening to the happenings from around the world. It also helps that the news is specially customized to suit my tastes. In the initial days, I used to get a lot of articles out of which I didn’t like quite a few. I began upvoting those stories and topics which I liked. After a week I started noticing that only the stories pertaining to the topics which I liked were available in my app. This was indeed surprising. I really appreciated this part of the app.

I really enjoy using this app and have been using it for about a month now. I do not have any complaints about the app. The screen color and the text size are quite subtle to the eyes. Reading for too long on a mobile screen makes my eyes water but the font and its size are designed to ensure that people like me find it pleasing to read.

My friend who introduced me to Newsvoice also told me that there is a feature where you can discuss the news articles. He is more technologically sound than I am and so he knows his way around these apps. He said that this is akin to the older times where some people used to gather for a cup of tea and chat about the news. I don’t know about this particular feature in the app as I have not yet tried it out. I am planning on trying this out in a week’s time.

On the quality of the articles available in this app, I noticed that the facts stated in the articles were correct. So good and reputed journalists have gathered the facts and written the articles in a readable manner.

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