If you think playing mobile based games are a water of time, then think again. Of course, it is bad to be always glued to the phone and not be able to put them away. But it is an established fact that playing mobile based games develop your brain and comes with a lot of benefits like beating stress and reducing depression. This is by far a great clinical therapy. It also improves a person’s mood and their social behaviour. Anyone who plays games related to education and development will know how mobile based games can actually give you new information and teach you new skills. Real Mosquitoes is a creative game and one that is new to its kind.

Real Mosquitoes: Bug Smasher Insect Killing Game is a challenging game which will take the player on a quest of fun filled adventure. In this game, your phone screen will be filled with mosquitoes and you need to react fast and smash them before any one insect manages to escape your screen.

How the app works:

Download and install ‘Real Mosquitoes: Bug Smasher Insect Killing Game’ mobile app on your smart phone and other devices. Now you will see lots of mosquitoes lying about on your screen. Move your finger towards these mosquitoes and kill them but do not miss any of them or you might lose a lifeline. Kill as many mosquitoes you can to get the highscore.

Features of the app:

The ‘Real Mosquitoes: Bug Smasher Insect Killing Game’ app has many alluring features. Some of which are listed here.

  • Increases concentration
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Is a great stress buster
  • Allows players to use lifelines

Compatible with: