Are you a fan of the classic plumber game? Then MegaFlux is sure to be your favorite in no time. This Android app is compelling and challenging. And the game play is a mix of the best of SpaceChem, Trainyard and Flow Free. While the basic concept runs along the lines of plumber, there is a lot of connecting and twisting to be done. It will get you to rack your brains and make your grey cells work again in their full vigor.


MegaFlux is especially for those who like games with fresh ideas and a whole new set of mind bending puzzles. The satisfaction you get after playing this game is very rewarding and unparalleled. It is sure to grow on you and get you addicted.


This app is available for download for free and has bagged many positive reviews from a wide variety of people. To get you addicted, there are an unlimited number of levels. So, there’s no end to testing your brains. And if you wish to add your own unique touch, then you can create levels by yourself too. The neon retro-style graphics are mind-blowing and attractive. At present, the game has two modes. There’s good news for the die-hard fans- a third mode is in the making for you.


There is no version that is paid for. This means that you have no choice but to see a lot of banners advertising all through the game. The puzzle game is sure to help you realize your potential when it comes to logic and reasoning, telling you where you stand.

The idea of the game is quite basic and simple to follow but the complications and twists added to it are sure to please you. You as a player have control of a grid that contains a set of nano-pipes that are designed to power processors. There are cute funny tiny icons, which are called Flux, that are responsible for powering the processors. To get the processor working, you have to guide the flux of the right color to the processor.


As you set on with the game, it seems very simple and easy. However, the grids get larger and the components increase in number with each progressive level so that each level brings a new set of difficulties for you. The controls of the game are very simple- tap a pipe or component to rotate them as the Flux starts flowing. You can drag new components into position for the new levels need them. Connecting the components is not the hard part. Doing so at the earliest and in the simplest possible way is what you have to work on. And it will definitely keep you engaged for a good while.

To reward you, there are achievements, which come as medals to be collected and points that you can accumulate. If you wish to test your skills, then the Challenge Mode is advisable as it has levels that get progressively challenging. If you just wish to get those grey cells living, then the Relaxed Mode is for you with an unlimited number of levels that come in a range of difficulty and sizes both. So, if you have a love for puzzles, then this game would be an excellent choice indeed.

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