For all the cat lovers out there, here is an interesting app to try out. The Purrapy Fluffy live wallpaper app for Android is one-step closer to bringing you a real cat at the touch of a button. The app purrs as a live cat when you stroke it.

Did you know that cat purrs have a science behind it? If you have every petted a cat, you would have realized that a cat somehow understands when we are low, not feeling well, or sometimes even where it hurts. Got a headache and the cat seems to wrap itself around your head; got a knee pain and your cat cannot seem to get off your knees; and it purrs! There is an interesting theory behind it and science has known for many years that certain frequencies bring about healing changes in the body. Elizabeth von Muggenthaler, a specialist in the field of bioacoustics, has discovered that all felines are bestowed with a healing advantage, expressed in the form of a simple purr. Even if you do not have a cat, the Purrapy app helps you experience this evolutionary benefit right from your Android!

The Purrapy Fluffy live wallpaper lets you take a kitty to your smartphone or play with your favorite cat. You can choose from different fur options – European Cutie, Mighty Maine Coon, Tame Leopard, Red Striped, and Proud Scottish. The wall paper is so realistic that you will feel you are touching a real cat with lovely fur. A multi-touch Purrapy option makes the experience even more enjoyable. You can set Purray as your wallpaper and enjoy your favorite cat right from the home screen of your phone.

If you love listening to cats purring, you simply have to stroke the fur on your Android app to hear it contently purring under your gentle touch. You can use headphones for even better relaxation. If you would like to hear the purr more often but are tired of stroking, there is a solution. You can set a Purr-Timer for non-stop purring action. This is especially helpful for those who find trouble sleeping. Simply turn on the timer and the soft purring sound of your favorite cat will put you to sleep like a baby.

The free version includes two cats with different voices, fur colors and live wall paper with a favorite cat that you can choose. Users can also name their cats to really make them their own and also try other cats for a limited time.

The full version features six different cats and voices. A unique purr-timer lets users listen to purrs automatically when they are tired of stroking the cat. In addition to the purr, the full version offers other interesting sounds too. You can shake your phone to pshhh your cat or tap it to make the little guy meow. The Purrapy Fluffy is designed to utilize the smartphone’s vibrator whenever you stroke a cat to make it purr. You can always switch off this vibration option in the app settings section.

The Purrapy Fluffy is a simple app that lets cat lovers enjoy their favorite cat’s purr or set live wallpaper.  If you are looking to relax or pet a cat that you have always wanted to have, all right from your Android, the Purrapy Fluffy is something to try out.

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