There are different apps that serve different purposes for a regular Smartphone user. In that case, there are many out there who would like to get their regular updates on Forex and stock market updates. That is where few apps have been coming along where you can get to see your stock updates as well as updates on Forex reserves. Though there have been many web apps and mobile apps that have come up for Forex and stocks, very few have been able to make an impact that MetaTrader 5 has managed to do. This particular app has been designed in such a way, you will get all your Forex and stock market updates in exactly the way you want it to be. The best thing about this android app is that, no other app has been as convincing as that of MetaTrader 5 when it comes to Forex and stock market trading.


This particular android app requires you to possess an android enabled Smartphone with good 3G connection or Wi-Fi connection. All you need to do is download the app and install it in your mobile and start getting the updates.

This is how it works:

The MetaTrader 5 is an application that allows you to connect to a broker, get quotes, do financial deals and check out the trading history. The best thing about all these is that, the app is completely free to use all around the world. So, all you need to do is go to the android market, download the app, install it in the mobile and start using it. Since the app is very user friendly one, you don’t have to know anything more than operating the Smartphone. Just log into the page and start getting your updates instantly.

There would be five different pages in this app, such as quotes, charts, trade, history and setting. Using the quotes you will be able to follow the Forex reserves and their value in the market. And using the charts you will be able to gather information on the market value of your product that you have invested in. Same goes with the trade option that gives you the ample space to know how the product or company that you have invested in is doing at that moment. Then as far as the history option is concerned, you will be able to get the trading history reports. And setting will help you set up the app to your convenience. On top of that Meta Trader 5 gives you the opportunity to use the real trading accounts as well as demo accounts.


So, if you are someone who wants to be updated about the Forex and stock market trading all the time, then you should make use of this particular android app. called MetaTrader 5. It is a very good tool to get connected to the trading world and get to know what’s cooking. On the whole this is a good tool to have for people interested in Forex and stock market updates.

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