Not all of us love simple games like puzzles, card games or blocks. There are people who love sports like cricket, golf, tennis or billiards too. I’m someone who has a yearning for sports, and Pool King finally satisfied my search for a nice sports app.

Pool King is developed by Pepper Potts, the app developer company that creates phenomenal online and offline multiplayer games for desktops and mobiles. The app gives you lots of free chips to play, which you can use to play with random players online as a guest. When I downloaded Pool King, I got 10,000 chips free right away! I really enjoyed playing the game with these free chips. When I lose all the chips, I can make an in-app purchase.

Pool King is an eight-ball game, a version of billiards. All you have to do is hit the cue ball (white) with the cue stick to pocket other balls. You have to pocket either solids (numbered 1 to 7) or stripes (numbered 9 to 15). When you hit a ball into a pocket, you get one more chance to hit another ball. To win, you have to pocket all your balls (solids or stripes) and then pocket the black ball. If you pocket the black ball before pocketing all your 7 balls, you lose the game.

Your objective is to become the first person to pocket all your balls and win the game. Winning depends on how well you use the cue ball to pocket your balls in any of the six pockets. Make sure you don’t make a foul by pocketing the cue ball, otherwise your opponent gets a chance to place the cue ball anywhere on the table to play a shot.

Pool King has a clean and easy-to- use interface and playing the game is really a breeze. The game gives you the option of turning the sound on or off. You get a chance to invite your friends to the game and earn more free chips. You also have the option to challenge your friends to the game. The allows you to refer your friends on Facebook and other mediums to take advantage of Pool King’s RAF offer. The Pool King Leaderboard displays daily, weekly and monthly winners of the contest. An absolutely fool-proof security system is another added advantage of the game.

The game is free to download onto all android devices and is meant for people above 3 years of age. Pool King provides 24/7 customer support to answer all your queries and resolve any possible issues. I bet the app is worth downloading, and you will definitely love this wonderful game.

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