Plopp a new puzzle that is cool, colourful and relaxing. It’s a simple app that helps you to kill time in a relaxed manner. Plopp is a game where bubble like circle emerges and starts growing all over the place. When a Plopp is tapped it explodes and the shockwave gets unleashed. Same way, if the exploded shockwave touches other plopps they also get exploded and it creates a big chain reaction.

As far as points for this game is concerned, the bigger the Plopp grows the bigger is the point that we get. But at the same time, if two plopps touch each other they would both vanish. It might not be the most difficult of the games around, but playing this will be very relaxing. Especially kids will love playing this game with all the different colours and waves as such. At the same time, it can be quite a challenge for experienced gamers where the puzzle could get tough in advanced stages.


The best feature about this particular is its amazing graphics. Once the game unfolds, you will love each bubble that explodes in different colours and in different wave forms. It’s not just about the bubbles and cool shockwaves, Plopp also has some wonderful background images with some wonderful graphics. This makes the game even more wonderful, along with some really cool background music. As far as music is concerned, there are 3 different tracks from which you can choose your favourite. Then the four different game modes, adds to the excitement. On top of that, there are 20 different levels to keep you interested in the game for long periods. Also there are 5 different Plopps with no less than 80 quests. And to localise the game, the Plopp is now available in 6 different languages. Above all, the one touch control is what makes this game an instant hit.

What makes Plopp so special?

The best thing about this particular puzzle app is that, it is so simple. It’s simplicity is what makes it an instant hit among the people. On top of that, it is a game that does not require any special talent or fast hands to be successful in it. It’s just a simple game which you can play with a relaxed frame of mind. Adding to the excitement will be the amazing graphics and the cool plopps that explodes and produces even cooler shockwaves. This is definitely one of the best games that you can play on the go using your mobile. You can get this particular app from your android market.


Plopp is definitely one of the most relaxing games that has come out in recent times. With its great visuals and soothing music tracks, it should definitely be your top choice when it comes to killing some time.


Well there isn’t anything negative as such in this puzzle. But there is a chance that one would get bored of it after sometime. In that case all you should do is change the music and continue playing, that’s it.

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