Among several potent applications this is considered to be the valuable android application. With this use of cogent android application it ameliorates and enhances the security of your device. In case if you enter an invalid password, pattern or pin a picture will be taken along with Global positioning system location data. With this valuable data is then emailed to a predefined address.

This discreet android application is often said to be with a facial expression recognition tool and also it is a real-time smile detector with integrated Smile Map. In turn you can easily point the camera at a face and smile with training yourself to develop a perfect smile. Eventually you can share your smile score, and find out who has the highest scores in the globe.

This persuasive android application permits to take pictures and videos with the camera. It also offers and permits the application at any time to collect images when the camera is viewing. It is also possible to access and fine location sources such as the cogent Global Positioning System on the device, where available. These expedient android applications can utilize to determine where you are.

With this cogent android application you can also access coarse location sources namely as the cellular network database to evaluate an approximate device location, where available. It also permits an application to develop network sockets. They also permit an application to write to the USB storage and offer an application to write to the SD card also. Eventually this potent android application stands good for the global users.

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