Sweet alarm is its name and it is just like any other alarm in terms of, what an alarm should do. But where it differs from other alarm system is the speciality about sweet alarm. In general we set the time for alarm and a music sound to buzz at the right time. But with sweet alarm, you can set your dear ones voice as your wake up sound in your alarm.

And you can also sweet text spoken (in six different languages) and saved in the system, which can be used for the alarm wake up sound as well as the snooze sound. But that doesn’t means you cannot use sweet alarm like how a typical alarm piece will be used with standard sounds and stuffs. But people who use sweet alarm will obviously prefer to use their own voice or their loved ones voice to wake them up, at the time when the alarm is set.


Sweet alarm is a specially designed Android app. So it is very obvious that you should own any of the android devices to make use of this wonderful app. Well this is a very simple app and you can use it just like any alarm system.


The best thing about sweet alarm is the ability to add our own voice for the alarm wake up buzz. So, you can record your own voice tone and used it as your alarm buzzing sound. And there is also facility to add text that will be spoken in six different international languages. And you can also add some of your favourite songs using ringdroid app and use it as your alarm tone.

This is how it works:

Firstly, this particular android app unlike any other app is very user friendly.  All you need to do is download the app from the android market, install it and start suing it right away. Once you have installed the app in your android device, Firstly you will have to set the time, when you want to wake up. You can also customize it as to, if you want this to be repeated for the whole week or for just once. Next step is what makes sweet alarm to stand out from some of the other alarm applications. Well, here you can add the kind of sound that you would like to be woken up with. And that is where you can choose your own recorded voice as your alarm tone. In order to do that, you should first record your voice or your dear one’s voice using the voice recording tool in the app. Or you can also add a text that would be spoken in six different languages to wake you up. Otherwise you can just simply use your favourite song as your alarm tone.


One the whole sweet alarm is definitely not just another alarm system. It has its own uniqueness and that is what makes it click with the android users. If you got an android device, you should definitely try this.

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