When you are traveling outside to an unknown place which you are totally unfamiliar with or when you are on an exploration trip or hiking and trekking through all different landscapes, many people will always be interested in knowing what is the place they are seeing in front of them, where exactly it is located and many more things like that. We often try to use the bulky maps, to navigate us through, which we have to carefully see to locate what we are actually trying to see.

It will be greatly useful when you can just take a picture of the place and you will know all the details and a lot more extra about the place within a matter of minutes; then all you need to have is the Panoramondo app in your android phone. Panoramondo is a very useful app for the travelers and the people who are interested in knowing information about the places they visit, to learn and update their knowledge; this app has been developed and launched by Galassia Soft.

Panoramondo is a very useful app for all the people who are traveling anywhere around the world.  Have you ever faced a difficult situation in which you will not know the place when you go abroad or even some parts in your own country where you haven’t been before? Of course many of us would have faced that awkward situation where there will be no one around to ask. Panoramondo is a very handy app in all that unpleasant circumstances.


  • Helps you to identify the places all around the world with exact details within a matter of seconds
  • You can take the picture of the place, the name and details of which are unknown to you and then Panoramando will give the name of the place and the distance between you and the place.
  • Exclusive feature in this app gives you the information about the name of the place, your position, current altitude at the instant where you take the picture and also the orientation of the compass in that selected place.

  • You can find the places at a distance of 40 km from your position on setting the appropriate double slider or by using the keys which are used to control the volume.  This helps in increasing the action range of the app.
  • The archive in the Panoramondo app has the information about 1,042, 852 mountains of the world and 3,060,622 places in the world.
  • There is an option in the app in which you can select the name of the place in the screen and it will show your position geographically in the Google map and also the nearest airline distance.
  • The Setting menu which is available in the app allows you to set and modify each characteristic of the app.


Panoramando is a very extraordinary app which offers rich experience about the places you see. This is a must have app for all the persons who travel around the world and also for others who are interested in knowing about different places. This app can be downloaded from the android market for $1.85.

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