Plumbing action is now an outplayed concept for gaming. We all know the deal. Join the pipe sections and make the water flow. So, a change is needed and it’s not easy to think beyond the basic concept when it has been so much popular. But hats off to Rudolf Halmi, the developer of Plumber Reloaded, who has just brought a completely new taste to the fingers.

We are talking about the latest android app released in the market, Plumber Reloaded. The name says it all but wait; it’s not what you are thinking. No more turning of pipes. The game play is something pretty new and original. Connect the similar blocks to each other with connecting pipes within the grid structure and it’s done. It sounds simple but it’s not. Your primary aim is to avoid any cross connections i.e. no two pipes should pass the same position and that’s really is a very difficult one. You will agree on this statement once you start the game. So you have to choose the best mechanism to join any pair of similar elements.

The game is a pure combination of logic, intelligence and fast thinking. You have to keep the pace up with the time limit to make sure you don’t lose your life. There are more than 200 levels to play in 5 different difficulties and graphical themes. 3 gaming modes are available; first one is standard 3 stars mode where you unlock levels one after another. Second is time attack mode which has further divided into summer run, sprint and marathon. Third one is training mode, where you can enhance your skills. It has no time limit and scores. So, there is empty to fill your heart with fun and entertainment.

Talking about the graphics, they are basic and could be better. The color combination is also not up to the mark. However, the sound goes well with the app. The difficulty level is very good and the game itself speaks out clearly that a lot of research work has been done on planning the game. You won’t find a training mode option in this kind of game anywhere else and the best part is that all the puzzles of training are additionally created and you would not encounter even a single level repeated. Also, you can compare your scores on global leader boards.

So overall the game is a must play option. It might appear to be basic in graphics but once you get started, I bet you won’t leave it any sooner. There are no. of difficulty levels and different game modes that you will take you to a different journey of equations and this time you won’t find it boring to solve it. There are many plus points like diversity, original concept, simple user interface, etc. that easily over take the negative effects of average graphics and themes.

We will give this intelligently crafted game 4 star out of 5 for its originality and unique game play.

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