Do you love playing shooting games in which the player shoots the coming objects to protect themselves? Well, who don’t like! These games are usually played using the controls of a mouse or a keyboard. In these kind of games, both your reflexes and reaction times are checked.Moreover, these games need attention to the main goal of the game. Today, I’m going to introduce you one such game which is called “Peter O’ Dactile”, specially meant for kids as well as adults.

Peter O’ Dactile is an amazing shooter game which you’ve never played before. There are so many levels to play, each having a different difficulty level. You have to fly through each and every level in order to fight the dangerous enemies in your path. There are a variety of dangerous enemies that will try to block your path and may distract you. But, you’ve to focus only on your goal that is to free your dinosaur brothers. The characters in the gameplay are really very cute and has different abilities.

Your main objective in this game is to save your dinosaur brothers from the enemies and free them.

Peter O’ Dactile has been developed by the Freakbox, this year. The app has been compatible with all the Smartphones having Android 4.0 or any later versions of the Operating System. There is a small story behind this gameplay. Once there was a mysterious asteroid who gave the monkeys some special telepathic abilities which helped them to control the minds of all the Dinosaurs. They are hypnotizing all the dinos on the Earth and maybe they are the last free dinosaurs!

So, the player (you) who is playing the role of Peter O’ Dactile will have to fight his enemies who can be even his friends to get to the source of hypnotic waves and save the world! You’ll achieve this goal by flying upward or downward where the enemies (i.e. monkeys) are coming in your path. You need to pay attention only on your aim and not on the other things, otherwise you’ll lose the game if you hit the wrong target. The controls of the game are quite simple and easy. The gameplay is easy to understand and play. While playing the game, you can collect all the stars if you want to unlock exciting achievements and can clear the levels easily.

Overall, Peter O’ Dactyl gameplay is full of fun and entertainment. The graphics of the gameplay are highly defined. It will surely hook you up for several hours, I’m sure. It’s so much addictive and fully enjoyable gameplay. It gives you a great experience.

So fly in this amazing shooter game to free your dinosaur brothers!

Go and check it out on the Google Play Store now! 

Pros: amazing shooter game; fly through a number of levels; one objective; fun gameplay; classic pixel graphics; full of enjoyment; exciting achievements; easy to play; super-addictive; simple navigations; free to use.

Cons: none.

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