The reason why the telephone industry had to be disrupted is that calling long distance was really, really expensive, and people would opt for other slower methods of communication most of the time. Now, we have VoIP apps and Instant Messengers, and telephone companies had to resort to offer data packages since people are hardly calling phone numbers anymore. However, there are a few times which you will need to do so, even though phone call rates are still expensive. Luckily, there are a few companies who want to alleviate your pockets.


One of these is the German company TeleSon Vertriebs, and their solution is called Cheap Calls, available on the Google Play store. Like its name suggests, Cheap Calls hopes to offer its users affordable rates to call any country around the world. They are not a VoIP company, so you would be making calls like you would through your telecom provider, and calls promises to be clean and crisp. With Cheap Calls, you can save 98% of your money by making international calls through their app and you can even send text messages around the world for only 10 cents. To add to the awesomeness, Cheap Calls will give you an initial 0.50 euros (57 cents) credit to you free of cost. You can also earn more free credit by referring your friends.


When first opening the app, you are not greeted with the best GUI in the world, but it tells you what it is all about, which is mostly what matters. Once you have verified your identity, you are brought into the main app, which is mostly a dark interface. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the theme. It is not so bad, but it would have been a nice thing to have. In the main screen you are given information about your account, such as the email which it is tied to and the amount of credit that you have. Up top there are several tabs, Phone, Call Log, Contacts, Favorite, and Account. Tap on Phone, and you can make a cheap call to anywhere around the world. You will have to have credit to make a call through. In Call Log, you are given a history of all the persons you have gotten in contact with through the app, and you can find all your contacts in the Contacts tab. You can add any contact in that tab to the Favorites tab, in case you want to do speed dialing to those that you talk to often.

With Cheap Calls, you can send text messages, and it gives you a specific section where you can see all you conversations. In all, the app does what it is supposed to do. Like most Android apps, there may be problems that you experience, depending on your device. In the days of VoIP, social networks and IM clients, this app comes as a hard sell. However, there are times when the receiving party is not on the internet, or you will have to call a business somewhere around the world, so this app will definitely come in handy.

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