We have always seen the map and wondered how big our world is. Have you ever wondered about its ever growing population and the different kinds of people who inhabit it? More so, have you ever wanted to find a person living across the world but with little success? Well here it is in our app world – The Osmino app.

Osmino enables its user to find the details like contact no., name, e-mail ID, Chat ID and photos of other mobile users around the world. It is a most amazing app of our times. This magic app is free to download and is a light weight app. It does not consume much battery power. This information is strictly from other Osmino users who have put their phone contacts information out for others to find it.  It is currently under the version number 3.0.10 and is available for Android phones only (OS version 2.1+). The iOS compatible installable is yet to come.

How Osmino Works?

This app is the best way to connect people across the world by sharing their contacts. The two main screens are the search screen and the save screen. After downloading the, app enter the name and company name of required person. Or it can even be a required service. Then hit the search screen. All the results matching the request will be retrieved, provided the seeder is online and connected to internet. Once you have identified the person you were searching for, his/her contact information will be sent to you once he/she comes online. A seeder is a person who has also subscribed to Osmino and has turned on the application. Once you have downloaded the required information, you can save it in your contact list. Hence information is interchangeable among all Osmino subscribers. More is the number of subscribers better is the accuracy of the information provided.

Memory of Osmino:

While processing a request this magic app does not store the phone numbers, instead it stores the names of the contact in its servers. And the person receiving the details does not know the source of those details. Since as a habit we always update our phone book from time to time, the processed request reveals updated contact information all the times. Due to the anonymity of the source and destination of the details, this app is a complete hit. There is no cumbersome database on the server which is why the application is lightweight with a negligible response time. It is a novel concept that removes regional barriers among people.

Osmino is ‘Alladin’s lamp’ of today which can be either loved to death or hated to the core. The subscribers will love the sense of power it generates. Although if used with wrong intentions, there can be potential wrong doing. The catch line for this app says ‘Tap it’ so let us tap the resources with care and responsibility. Osmino provides a superior utility of connecting people who otherwise would not have met in their life. Welcome to an international telephone directory!

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