If you have been under substance abuse and have undergone some treatment then you must be ready to turn things positively. When you complete the treatment there are high chances of relapse when you have no one to help you. To ease this pressure there is a safe space that assists you in complete recovery as you help yourself.

The Eudaimonia Recovery Homes (ERH) is a place that provides a 12-step program under a structured and reliable environment to focus on healing altogether. The Eudaimonia Recovery Homes has come with an app to help the residents of sober living homes. The app offers varied tips and techniques to empower you in the process of a fresh start. It can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices and it belongs to the ‘Health and Fitness’ category.

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes is a friendly community that lets you share everything on facing the fierce internal battle with yourself about alcohol. The app has a number of options to help you prevent relapsing. The ‘Sober Living App’ serves as an information hub with details of all the ERH homes located in Houston, Texas; Austin, Texas and Colorado Springs, Colorado. It gives you the location, cleanliness standards, different payment plans and other details. Under different circumstances and needs, all the recovery patients can get timely help and support via the app. They can call a friend, post a complaint, receive treatment etc.

The sober living app is completely fun-filled and it makes recovery tasks an easier one. It motivates all the users by awarding points as they complete every task. Users can attend recovery meetings, complete check-ins and drug tests, attend house meetings and acquire more points. The app is a great support that assists you in communicating with your other peers there. You can find info related to the social events, sponsorships etc. Apart from all that is said above, the ERH sober living app provides a complete list of the various meetings and events, check-ins, school and employment opportunities, medication updates etc.

It completely streamlines all the programs and tasks and one can easily communicate with the staff members to track the progress of the residents there. All the support, love, acceptance and advice from the community will definitely help you change your life. The sober living app is being updated regularly to provide much better assistance to all those in the home. The app is guaranteed to offer a fun and successful recovery experience to all members of ERH homes.

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