Do you find yourself checking your phone too many times per day? You’re not alone. Whether at work, at home or with friends, many of us are guilty for checking our phone so much – even when there’s nothing important going on. Spotty Time, available to download on Google Play, is an easy, effective way to help manage your screen time.

Checking our phone all the time, even if it’s just for a few seconds or a ‘quick scroll’ through social media (does a quick scroll even exist?) can impact different areas of our lives. While at work, it stops us from getting in the zone and prevents us from being productive. At home, we may not be as engaged in conversations or present with our family. While out with friends, well, it’s always a sad sight when everybody is sat round looking at their phones instead of talking. Spotty Time helps you reduce your screen time, letting you enjoy life in the here and now.

The app is simple, but effective. You choose sessions up to a maximum of 3 hours when you’ve decided that you don’t want to check your phone. The app essentially locks you out of your phone’s apps – so if there’s nothing you can check on your phone, hopefully you’ll stop looking at it. The more sessions you complete, the more coins you earn. Unfortunately, not real coins, but you can use them to customize your app. It’s a fun way to gamify something that many of us might, in the beginning, find a little frustrating. But it’ll be good for us in the long run!

If you feel like you need to cut down on your screen time and check your phone less, download Spotty Time on Google Play today!