It is always said that you can never forget what you have seen in actual rather than if you have just read about it in books. That is why, interactive study classes are now being designed for schools to help students learn faster and effectively. But what can be a better plan than to implement this thinking on mobile devices which are easily available at homes so that children can have double sided benefits i.e. at school as well as home. One of the major advantages of following this criterion is that the small children find it really enjoyable and full of fun.

Kids’ Puzzle Lite is the latest addition to the android market and just explores one more beneficial fact of these new technology devices. The free app supports android 2.1 and up and has been developed by DRCOM. It is actually a puzzle game mainly designed for little children in the age group of 3-8 years. It just takes one step ahead of the basic learning program that is followed in schools. There are different puzzles, about 10 in number, each comprising of some missing shapes. At one time, only one shape is provided to you which is exact replica of one of the shapes in the puzzle. You just have to find the right one and in this way, the game progresses. You can select any of the different puzzles available and can solve it any no. of times, whether it has been completed or not.

But what makes this app interesting and useful for toddlers are its simple controls and easy to follow pattern that can be understood by children very easily. Each time your selection is right, the name of the particular item whether it be a letter, animal or a musical instrument, will be heard to make the children recognize it. Moreover, he can tap that item any time later and hear it again to remember. Additionally, the end of the puzzle is accompanied by a loud cheer for the participant. The puzzle designs and graphics are perfect for children. Further, to make the session interactive, in many of the puzzles, all the missing parts are not revealed at the beginning. Instead, new additions are being made as the game progresses and create a story building effect.

The idea of interactive learning is very well implemented. However, sometimes there is no sound detection and you are just playing a mute puzzle. And it is no doubt that sound has a considerable role to play in the learning process and without it, it would be a movie without an actor. Also, sometimes the prop to be filled does not move and you have to restart the puzzle from the beginning. So, there are few of these minor bug reports that need to be sorted out. Otherwise, the game is well designed and is a must recommended for any child. You can just upgrade the app and more puzzles will be added to the store. It is not just entertainment; it is like watching Discovery on Cartoon Network.

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