A lot of smart phone users are today bombarded by spam messages. These messages don’t have any concise meaning to them,are unwanted or put simply are unsolicited. Despite most of these messages being marketing messages used by companies to efficiently reach their target audience,spam messages can also be dangerous to smart phone users. This is due to criminals using this method to lure unsuspecting phone users into scams. As a way of protecting consumers from this harm, the SpamResponse application has been put forward to offer a protection. After a particular user has reported a message to be a spam, SpamResponse tracks the scammers down and is able to clearly identify the various mechanisms that they use to con unsuspecting consumers.

The SpamReponse documents the spam reports in order to offer much needed information to companies,technology providers and others alike to shut down the channels the scammers use to send the spasms. What are the features of SpamResponse? Here are some of the main features:
1. Automatic synchronization of the SpamResponse app and the messaging app

The app automatically syncs with your messaging app and is able to allow you to mark certain messages you receive as spam.While other messages may be marked as spam due to the advertising content they may contain. A message is marked as spam by just simply swiping to the right.If any undue errors are made and you happen to mark the wrong messages,an undo function is in place thus you are able to correct any errors made.

2.Contact Filtering

This is an exciting feature that allows you to remove contacts from appearing in the SpamResponse message log. Thereby, messages from your close family members, parents or known contacts don’t appear here.This enables the SpamResponse team not to mark your loved ones as spammers.

The pros of the improved SpamResponse enables you to be a part of a large group of cyber-security experts who play a major role in protecting consumers from spammers. Also you are risk free of receiving spam messages. Moreover, the app is user friendly as you don’t need any training or skills as there is a short tutorial available after installation of the SpamResponse app.On the side of cons of the app, only one stands out, that is, a lot of information is available to the cyber security experts.You therefore run a risk of exposing too much information. Gratefully, this can be prevented due to the undo function.It is therefore recommended that you protect yourself from scammers through the SpamResponse android application

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