Ever wanted to play a hack n’ slash style of gaming on your Android phone but didn’t have a chance till now? Well I’m myself a big fan of this gameplay and I’ve played plenty of them on my PC. But I can’t carry my PC anywhere I go and most of the time I’m outside my home travelling most of the time. This is the time when I really missed something good to play or kill the time. Reading novels is a good alternate option but I’m done with that as well finishing many novels by now. If I could get a game like God of War or Lineage into my Android device, nothing would have been left for me to wish for and I guess that the wait is over.


I am talking about one of the latest Android apps called DeProfundis that has been developed by Thecle. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.0.1 or later version of the OS and can be found under the Arcade & Action category. If you are a true gamer, there’s every possibility that you’ll like this one.


You are playing the role of a warrior and all you need to do is just kill your enemies and clear the levels. There’s so much of stuff offered in this game that you can’t get bored of it. You can take different avatars in both genders (though that requires premium account) and change your weapons using the available inventory. There are 4 different skilltrees: elementalist, warrior, ritualist and void mage to fight your way. With 3 different modes, collect as much gold coins as you can and unleash the true power of yours. Also, to save your character, just upload it to their cloud database and load it later so that you can start from the point where you left.

The graphics of the game are just awesome and maybe the right reason for its huge success. I have seen many such games which go along a good story but the execution is not the same. As a gamer, I prefer graphics over the story because at the last, it’s all about you being taken to a world of fantasy where you are playing the role of a warrior. Therefore this world of fantasy must look like one that is believable.


The app is available for free in the Play Store and you don’t need to spend a penny to enjoy the full features. However, the free version is ad supported and you need to upgrade to the premium package to access the hardcore mode. In hardcore mode, once you get killed, you can’t get your character back. It is deleted even from the cloud database, so be careful. With nearly half a million installs by now, this app is a must to have for you.

Pros: amazing graphics; different environments, weapons and avatars; 3 different gaming modes; free.

Cons: none.

Apps400 Rating :  *  *  *  *

Download the App Here