One of the critical factors that need to be taken with great consideration is security of oneself and that of the loved ones. Whenever there is security to the expected level, this will always give individuals peace of mind as they undertake their daily activities. However, in some instances, there could be some potential threat to security and this tends to bring the issue of how to respond quickly to such circumstances. With the introduction of the Planet 911 app by the Planet 911 LLC, this is a great sign of milestone achievement that can highly help in facilitating quick response to emergency cases or other potential threat.


Understanding Planet 911 app

This comes out as one of the best apps designed for security purposes. Having been updated last on 8th May,2016, this great app (version 1.1.1) contain new improved features that makes it quite easy to use and even record different audio and videos. Besides, there is now the option of previewing the video when it is being recorded to ensure that the quality achieved is paramount.

The operation of the Planet 911 app

Actually, one will discover that once the correct settings for this app have been installed, it becomes quite easy to use this tool to enhance security. At first, the user will note that this app has the capability of facilitating recording of both the video and the audio; this mostly occurs when there is a problem in relation to security situation. Apparently, each time there is a security threat, the user is required to only make a single touch that will send the alert to the loved ones. What follows up is the video and audio recording in relation to the turns of the events that are happening. All such information is then perfectly stored and can be referred to in the future. Actually, everything within the app is perfectly coordinated to help the user achieve the highest level of efficiency.

Compatible Devices for the Planet 911 app

This amazing app comes out as an efficient and highly-performing tool that requires high level of performance emanating from the compatible devices. This is why it requires platforms like for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in order to meet the stipulated demands of the expected results. With regard to the operating system, an efficient iOS 8.0 or any new version can work perfectly for this app.


Features Included In Planet 911 app

Here are the most outstanding features that one will come across on Planet 911 app:

Efficient alert siren

It only requires a touch of a button in order for an individual to activate this personal siren that has been integrated in the app. Interestingly, it s very efficient as it gives out a high penetrating sound than can keep off any potential attackers.

Send two different escalation alerts

This incredible app offers two different levels of alerts that the user can apply. Actually, when an individual is in a critically dangerous situation, the red button can be pressed to call the 911 whereas if one is a worried state of impeding danger, it is critical to click the yellow button. Besides, there are new introduction that allows quick video previewing to get the best content. This can help the emergency contacts to try and reach that person as soon as possible.

GPS Location contact

In order to make it quite easy for individuals or loved one to locate the user of this app, the GPS location has been integrated to effectively assist in such situations. This is by recording and sending such location details.

Contact list for emergency

Apparently, there is an option in this app where the user can be able to save a maximum of 10 contacts. Suppose the user is in danger, there is need to press the red button and when worried to press the yellow button and simultaneously alert all the contact individuals in the phone list.


Make a record of video and audio

Each time this Planet 911 app is in active mode, it will always respond to alerts and start making records both in video and audio. This is essential in creating a clear proof to the authorities in the event something unlawful was committed to the user.

Below are some of the pros and cons identified in Planet 911 app:


· A quick response to security threat

· Quite easy to use-just a touch of button

· A tool effective for enhancing peace of mind

· A clear proof of evidence in justice proceedings

· Very convenient and efficient in performance


· May become ineffective in case GPS battery runs out of power

· Requires internet connection- a problem in low network areas

Final Verdict

Clearly speaking, Planet 911 app is a complete tool when it comes to provision of quick alerts in the situation one is in danger. Its effective communication strategy and dissemination of video and audio information makes it exceptional. This is why it remains top-rated (with a 4+ rating) since it has met the expected security standards of performance. Why not get this amazing app today for free? Don’t wait! Get it now at App Store and keep the loved ones safe and informed!

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