You may be someone who has a thirst to learn new languages or planning to go on a vacation trip or might be preparing for an exam. Whatever might be your goal, learning a new language isn’t an easy task. FunEasyLearn gives you a wide range of learning activities that help you to grasp the language with much ease. The app would be best suited for more serious learners who want a complete program to get the language learned.

With FunEasyLearn, you can learn on your own by choosing any one particular language from the 34 languages available. It falls under the ‘Education’ category and is rated 3+. The app offers a game-based approach with short and fun lessons that can fit in a schedule. With this, you have access to around 11,000 words or phrases from 320 topics. Learning visually with beautiful illustrations is an awesome experience and mastering the different levels become easier.

Once you open the app, you can choose the language you want to learn: English, Chinese, French, Thai and a lot more. Later, you have to enter the age and register with the email id to save the progress. You can also opt to choose other accounts like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc., The app lets you to learn alphabets, words and sentences. It is so good and easy to use. It allows you to gather knowledge on different topics related to dating, education, food, shopping etc., From basic sentences like saying hello, goodbye to complex conversations, anything can be learnt in the language you want to know.

Learn, Review, Stats, Search and ‘More’ are the different menu items that you can find. The app has many different levels from beginners, intermediate to advanced. The stats section gives you a chart that can easily track your progress. Using this, you can set your own goals and make progress. The app helps you to write different reviews and pass exams. With FunEasyLearn, you can practice reading, writing and speaking with alphabets.

You may come across words or phrases that you are not sure about how to pronounce. FunEasyLearn pronounces the word/phrase for you to be understood easily. This particular feature is one thing that impressed me a lot. It offers rewards when you share it with your friends. The store is where you can purchase different courses at different costs with a subscription.

The simple tutorial helps you to know how the app functions. FunEasyLearn offers a great experience that allows you to learn the language with a more enjoyable and healthy practice. The very bright and intuitive interface of the app, allows you to learn at your own speed and progress slowly. It is definitely a hassle-free way to start with the easy to difficult levels. If you are looking for a new way to widen your knowledge on any new language, then, Fun Easy Learn is right there for you.

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