Watching Football is a passion for many. We try to record the game or watch it day/night, anytime during which it is telecasted. With the games around the corner, a number of football fans will be gearing up with activities related to the game. One such activity is to play the football game in phones or for real in the grounds. Fun Football – Euro 2012 is one such android phone app where you can have real fun playing the game. This game has been developed by UBJ3D. The company has released this app at the right time to attract attention.

Football has always been games which requires a lot of energy, skill, stamina and of course luck. When you can play the game in your mobile without much exertion and at the same time have loads of fun, the experience can be really enjoyable. Playing the game in your mobile helps you come up with apt strategies that could eventually help you win the game. This can also be helpful in your daily lives by helping you expand your thought processing and the speed with which you respond to things.


  • In this game app, you can select and play against your favorite teams in Euro 2012. There are totally 16 national teams available.
  • This game has great graphics and animation accompanied with excellent sound effects which together enhance the gaming experience. The sound effects are very realistic and include referee voice and whistles from the fans in the stadium.
  • When you are competing against the computer, there are three difficulty levels.
  • There are 5 players available in both the teams during the game; each player has unique characteristics.
  • The game is based on turns so you have to wait when your opponent is playing.
  • In the tournament game you can increase the number of players up to eight.
  • The game can be played in three weather conditions.

  • There is also an option to change the lineup of the players just before the kickoff; this shows the adaptability and the flexibility of the game.
  • There is a feature where you can dribble the players from the opposite teams, a technique you can increase the score points of your team.
  • The pause option in the game is very useful; with this option you can freeze the game and return from the point where you have stopped the game.
  • The initial version of the game is for free. The upgraded version comes with more features and options where you can play tournaments and friendly matches.
  • There is also a detailed tutorial which will assist you in playing the game; this makes the job easy for players who do not know the rules of the games and are playing for the first time.

Bottome Line:

Fun Football – Euro 2012 is a fun filled game that is also completely free of charge. All you need to do is download this game from the android market and have loads of football fun.

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