A number of, or it should be, thousands of new apps that make their way to the Android App Store each week and one such app which has come to the market for the very first time this month is called “Cube Brothers”. It’s a mind game which requires a lot of concentration to clear the levels. Cube Brother has been developed by Geeko Games. It’s an endless arcade and brothers’ spirit game. The app is compatible with all the Android Smartphones having the latest version of the Operating System.

Before you download the app on your SmartPhone you must watch the demo video of the game which illustrates how to play the game very carefully. After that you can start playing it. You can see that there is a Menu on the startup of the app where there are some options such as Play, Store, Sound, Music, etc. There is a store in the game where you can upgrade gameplay and get some skins. You can customize all the settings accordingly and start playing the game.

When you begin, there is a path just like a road and there are obstacles coming in your way and you have to protect yourself from them by moving left and right and let them go. You have to control two objects instead of one, one is on your left side and the other is on your right side. The controls of the game are very simple and easy to use. You have to just tap your screen using one of the fingers of both of your hands in the left and right direction wherever necessary. If you divert your mind or see anywhere else while playing the game, then you may lose the chance to go further.

Clearly speaking, this game is not that easy as it seems to me. It’s a little bit hard game and requires a lot of attention to play. But you can clear the levels if you focus only in the game. There are chances to earn 50 coins after watching a video. However, the videos are not compulsory to watch if you don’t want to earn coins.

The designing and the graphics of the game are pretty cool and the style is very unique. The animations and the soundtrack are great.

Overall, the audio and video design of the app will give you a great pleasure.

So check it out and try this amazing gameplay. Once you get into it, you’ll never be bored and play again and again until you achieve the goal. The app is available for free on the Google App Store. Download it now!

However, the app displays some ads in between the game, but they are not irritating as well. So show your skills now and go as far as you can!

Pros: unique style of game; different from other games; mind game; requires a lot of attention; challenging game; super-addictive; brilliant graphics; free.

Cons: still not found.

I will give this app 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the App