There will be a time when you will get bored and fed up of the in-built music player in your Android phone and will begin to look for a new app for the same. However, the task is not as easy as it sounds. There are infinitely many apps that play music and most of them are no good. Filtering these out from the good ones can be quite a head ache. Finding the perfect one among the few good ones can be a Herculean task indeed. This review about Backspin Music player will save you all the trouble.


Backspin has all that you could be looking for in a music player. This includes fantastic looks, good features and intuitive user interface. Everything about the app seems so natural and so perfectly done. It fits all screen sizes and is compatible with a variety of Android smart phones. It looks just as great and works amazingly well on all smart phones. It is a traditional music player with a touch of modern spin.


Users can stream music right from their Dropbox account for convenience. Making play lists is really easy, irrespective of whether the songs you want to add are stored on the device storage. Organizing and uncluttering your library has never been easier than this. The app comes with an equaliser that has a bass boost and a host of other features that make the experience of music fun and enjoyable for users.

Backspin can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play Store. All you need is an Android device with Android 4.0.3 or later versions and 4.8 MB of free memory space on your device. Once you download the app and launch it, you will be given 30 days’ worth of premium features for free. The app will then detect all your music automatically and organize all the music on your phone. If you do happen to make any changes to your music library, you can always rescan the library.


Backspin comes with a variety of unique features that set it apart. The first among these is the Smart Shuffle. No song will repeat until all the songs on the play list have been played. Also, you can play a song on the shuffle and the shuffle won’t start all over again. You can also save the current shuffle order as a play list. Album covers or art can be added easily and can be pinched to zoom in. there is also an undo button that allows users to undo an accidental play or resume the last song and also undo addition on deletion of a song from your play list.

Besides allowing you to stream music from Dropbox, the app also allows you to export play lists in the xspf format. This makes it easy to free space from your device. Importing play lists is a simple task that works just as you would like it to. The app is quite gorgeous to look at and can be customised to suit your taste. There are a number of features that make this app the best available one on the Play Store. If you are looking for a music player app, this one is just what you need.

Good: Streaming music from Dropbox, smart shuffle

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App