Who’s your favorite pet animal? It can be cow, dog, goat, cat, etc. But, my favorite animal is a cat. I have one white cat of my own and may get two or more for my birthday. Seriously, my love for the entire cat family is real and I’m stubborn for buying cat related things. I can see cat movies, live with a cats each and every time. They are so cute and sweet. Not only as a pet, I do take care of them, but also show love by using things that features feline. For example- cat earrings, sculptures, clothes with cat prints; etc.

Probably, it’s not easy to find those items in the market and if you really want those goods then you’ve to order them first and then customize which may be very costly. But, there is a platform where you can buy feline inspired items directly from its makers. That platform is called “Katt”, where there are goods for people happily owned by the cats. Yes, it may sound weird when you hear about such an app for the first time, but actually it exists and it’s brilliant.

Katt has been created by Bregt Colpaert and Alejandra Kiki Gerard, inspired by their mutual love for the felines. The app is compatible with all the Android Smartphones and it has been developed by the Katt. Company. Once you download the app, you can browse its catalog and add items in your Cart. You can buy them whenever you’re willing to! The app includes a wide range of products for the modern cat lovers and everyone in between- including tote bags, illustrated paper goods such as greeting cards, brooches, handmade contemporary accessories such as pins, earrings and a range of vibrant digital prints. These all products have one thing in common and it is not only cats. But the collections have a face. Just like the artists behind them and their customers.

So Katt is a curated online concept store featuring feline inspired items where people engage with a rapidly expanding creative cat culture in one place. Moreover, it focuses on creating an online community for our favorite feline loving artists, illustrators and designers- known and unknown. Katt is the easiest way to give your style a shot of cool with the fresh pieces that arrive every month. You can apply some code to avail discounts if any, and pay the money using PayPal, Debit/Credit Card and many other modes.

If you are an artist or a designer then you can also sell your products via the app. It might help you a lot!

The app is available for absolutely free on the Google app Store. Download it now and support the artists behind this amazing creativity! 

Pros: one-stop web shop; one-of-a-kind destination for the feline lovers; huge collection of feline inspired items; user friendly interface; easy to buy; different payment modes; ships worldwide; free to use. 

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App