When it comes to drone games there are really no shortages of options. From flying military drones and destroying enemy bases to playing checkpoint races, players who love this genre are usually spoilt for options.

Drone Lander published by Sysreb successfully keeps things simple and discards overtly complicated mission scenarios. In a bid to simulate a realistic flying experience, the objective of the game simply revolves around successfully landing the drone in the marked landing spot. Players have to manoeuvre their drones around obstacles, manage the descent speed and carefully land the drone on the bullseye. It may sound too simple but learning to control the drone demands practice. Once you start getting the hang of the controls, Drone Lander can become quite addictive.


Features: Drone Lander has enough difficulty levels and maps to keep things interesting for months. The game has 3 maps, Industrial, Mountains, and City. Each of these maps have multiple levels and players can choose between 3 difficulty settings. Players earn gold every time they successfully complete a mission and they can use this virtual money to unlock advanced drone models. Drone Lander comes with 45 challenging game levels and players get to control everything from acceleration and altitude to landing speed.

Interface And Graphics: Powered by the trusted Unity game engine, Drone Lander comes with pretty good graphics. The terrains are well designed and the drones have a realistic look. The subtle swayed movements of the drone is also very well animated. The main menu, however, looks a bit dated. Everything from boxy buttons to the fonts gives it that 90’s look. This is certainly not a deal breaker because the textures and elements in the game itself look well rendered and modern.

Gameplay: As mentioned before, Drone Lander is a realistic drone flight simulator. What this means is it tries to accurately mimic the experience of flying an actual drone. Understanding the gaming mechanics and control takes a fair bit of time. Being a skill-based game player need to spend more than a few minutes understanding the controls before they can score their first successful landing. Players control the drone using the 4-way directional controls and an RPM control to manage the landing speed. Just like an actual drone the controls are highly sensitive and players need to make the minutest of mid-flight adjustments to keep things steady. A few mistaken taps are enough to severely compromise the landing trajectory. Players also need to land the drone as fast as possible because the gold earned at the end of the mission depends on the completion time. Overall, Drone Lander definitely is a fun game once players get used to the controls and the simplistic gameplay is an added charm.


Overall Impressions: Drone Lander is free to download a game that’s currently available on Google Play. This 70mb game is a must for anyone who enjoys simulation games. What we like about Drone Lander is the fact that it’s entirely skill based and it does not make it too easy. The controls are difficult but it can be mastered as players progress to more difficult levels.

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