While it was supposed to be an amazing experience with popular Extnt app developed by Udeonx on the Play Store, I remember being so much passionately addicted to this particular game every time I played. It was total fun to view how far I could get enjoyed each time, and how many times my friends cherish with me before I’d ever reach maximum play.

It is the quality tailored puzzle experience for those that demand more. Extnt is a sophisticated puzzle experience which professionally delivers a fun and challenging gameplay. The game exhibits the user with the challenge to solve circular labyrinth style puzzles of varying complexity.

The top quality design is tailored to produce an exceptional minimalist design approach with a central focus on maze gameplay. The result is a dynamic puzzle experience for the enthusiast and mental thrill seeker alike.

Get ready to achieve the best

Amazingly this Extnt has an innovative ranking system to assist in expanding your potential from beginner to savant. The users can showcase his or her achievements with Extnt’s dual ranking system. Moreover global success is achieved through accumulating the most total points and local success could be attained by best overall time for a given level.

Enjoy the Entertainments which meet sophisticated complexity

Extnt makes use of sophisticated procedure generation algorithms enabling each new maze to be unique. In addition the maze levels are created with relative complexity that is updated through time to permit for new and unlimited opportunities to push potential. Moreover the uniqueness and care in design of the mechanics provides for a tailored logic experience to expand your potential and enjoy a favourite puzzle time.

Key Features of Extnt

  • It is engaging, addictive, and challenging 2D puzzle maze game
  • They are exceptional minimalist game design to keep you focused
  • Uniquely generated maze every time you play
  • Get Hint for the puzzle when you need it
  • Come across the differentiated ranking system
  • You can take Control: 4 types of user control
  • Offers dynamic complexity that changes over time

Drive your experience

Define your experience with comprehensive user controls at the auditory, visual, and spatial level.

Four kinds of player movement

  • Rotation – Novel circular rotation control. It is perfect for spatial perspective changes.
  • Gyroscope – Use your device’s gyroscope functionality to add more physical control to gameplay.
  • Directional Assist – Swipe in the available direction and the path is yours.
  • Touch Force – You can take control of the journey and direct your own path.


Now that it’s out for users, the game wholly satisfies with all unique features. The users just can’t stop coming back to it again and again. Needless to say, a lot of thought has been put into what the quality features and game plan would look like in this app. Amazingly the game has unique generation of algorithms which construct every maze, so each new game is unique to itself.