What’s the difference between a journal and a reflective journal. Journal means a written account of what you have done each day. Whereas, a reflective Journal is a personal record of a student’s learning experience. It is a space where a learner can record and reflect upon their observations and responses to the situations which can be used to explore and analyse ways of thinking in any field. So there is an app for your self-care and self-improvement, which is known as Daily Journal and Guided diary app, developed by Mindstory. If you are a current or future user of the guided Daily journal app for reflection, you must know about the app in detail. This app is a simple to use self-care journaling app which is having a powerful mood tracker diary where:

  • You need to describe people you interacted with in your gratitude journal.
  • You can note events with the thoughts journal.
  • You can jot down your thoughts journal insights.
  • Write your gratitude journal to usual things becoming more positive.
  • Always check-in Mood tracker diary.

In this way you can easily cope up with stress, reach anxiety relief through the uplift in mindfulness as well as gratitude. These are very well proved by scientific research. You can create stories, memories, get insights of your mental health, etc.

If you write several sentences in a day it will definitely improve your sleep quality as well as reduce depression symptoms. You will get to know yourself better with this personalized self-care journaling app. Benefits of using a self care reflection, journaling app, in addition to the mood tracker for mindfulness:

  • Get relief from anxiety.
  • Develop an anti anxiety self care mind set.
  • Your gratitude uplift at work.
  • Reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Boost off reflection and self care skills.
  • Journaling itself is a fascinating selfcare time.

The app provides personalized thoughts journal scenarios for guided reflection on the actual areas such as job, friends, family, gratitude or anxiety relief. So here is some typical reflection on the reality in a self-care mode that you will find in this journaling app.

  1. You will check-in how was your day and write 3-10 gratitude sentences about what you have been feeling throughout the day.
  2. After giving a short description, the app asks you to write your 3 victories of the day no matter how big they were. It’s a psychological approach which is used for stress and anxiety relief.
  3. Now new questions about reflection will appear daily and these questions are enthralling audio stories which are very similar to a guided self-care meditation.

Overall, I would say Daily Journal app and Guided diary is an amazing app for relieving stress and anxiety. It not only boosts your gratitude, but also keeps track of the activities which influence your mood, so that you can improve the habits which have a negative influence as well as keep those habits which have a positive influence. So try the Diary Journal app and check-in with its mood tracker to get more meaningful insights!

The app is available for free on the Google app store.

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