The most important link that holds a relation intact over the period is Trust and trust needs time to build up. It’s impossible to carry on in a relationship, if one of them feels to be cheated by the other person in some manner. Even a single instance is enough for break up. If you are about to propose someone, you will be looking for the chemistry factor as to how much that person can adjust with you and what are the common things between you two. So, one option is to make a friendly relation with that person and wait for better results or the other option is to login to your Facebook account and open Astro4mate to solve your problem.

Astro4mate is a Facebook application based on the traditional astrology concepts that, by comparing the planetary positions of two people, points out the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship, points of contact and the similarities. The main difference between the traditional methods and this one is that it does not require any field knowledge and can be used by anyone. Also, it is very simple to use. The application requires you to enter the name and date of birth of the person, with whom you want to check for the bonding or you can select the person from your Facebook contact list. Then, hit the calculate button and you will get all the detailed results with the percentage of affinity factor.

The results include five major factors contributing towards any relationship. The five factors are Essence, Communication, Feelings, Sexual attraction and Obstacles. So, it covers all the aspects from feelings, intellectual affinity, affectivity, physical attraction to stimulation of the relationship. That’s the best thing about the app that all the weak links are clearly shown so you can concentrate upon each of them separately. Additionally, you can share the app posts with your friends on Facebook or you can keep the results private to yourself. You can also invite more of friends to try the app.

Now comes the real deal time. I conducted an experiment and checked it out for two of my friends and to be straight forward, the results were not good. I checked it out for the affinity between me and two of my closest friends, and each time the affinity came to be about 50%, which was never close to what I expected. Also, the results showed that we had least amount of communication affinity, which was expected to be maximum.

The app is very simple and easy to use. Also, there is no need for installation as it is a Facebook application. But when it comes to the most important aspect of it i.e. accurate results, it was not up to the mark. Also, it’s difficult to believe on the criteria of judging someone only with their names and date of birth as there would be many more with the same characteristics. However, I would suggest you to try this free app at least once and may you get your soul of mate.

For this app, we would like to give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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