Do you love to listen to the news around you? Most of us prefer to keep ourselves updated with what is going on around us. It is a must that we stay tuned to the current happenings in our country. If you are looking for an application that helps you read online news and magazines, then you need not go anywhere. Hobi brings all hot news 24/7.

It delivers the fast, hot and latest news of Vietnam the whole day. Hobi is an app given by the Vietnamese developer, Thùy Linh. The app helps you to stay tuned with all the community news, newspapers in one place. It updates users with all the latest and hottest news from all the fields like technology, economy, entertainment, fashion etc. It covers the areas of memes and troll as well. It makes it easy for you to visualize and read the news in just a few swipes.

Released on November 13, 2020, the app Hobi belongs to the ‘Entertainment’ category in the Play Store. The app brings all the up-to-date news which can be entertainment or news relevant to the showbiz, hot trends, etc. The app is suitable for different types of readers who wish to keep themselves updated with what’s happening around them.

Hobi gives access to almost all types of news. This app accesses the Photos/Media/Files, reads, modifies or deletes the contents of your USB storage. It accesses the exact location (GPS and network-based). The app receives data from the internet and views the network/wifi connections and stops the device from sleeping.

When you have any queries, you can write to the team on and get them answered. Their attention to the customers is awesome and they give more importance to the users’ feedback. The development team always strives to give users the best experience as they use the app to read newspapers and spread them to relatives and friends.

Hobi comes with the most intuitive and easy to use interface. If you are a news freak and want to keep yourself updated with all the entertainment news and gossip, then this app is definitely for you. The app requires Android 6.0 or later versions and is rated 3+. The app is super fast and it assists everyone to read news and watch videos on mobile.

Download Hobi today and stay tuned with the latest updates of the whole of Vietnam. It is one of the best apps in this category with a professional design.

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