It happens a lot of time that you want to delete one file but delete another by mistake. Especially with touch screens where even the slightest touch of your finger is enough to operate, it becomes a total headache. Nowadays, phone screens are compatible with anything and therefore it’s not safe even in your pocket. In these cases, it’s very much possible that you lose some of your data accidentally and if you have a fate like that of Ross from Friends, believe me it’ll be very important to you. So what you’re left with is no other option than to cry out loud. But these deleted files can be recovered back if you have the right tool in your pocket or I should say, in your laptop. So let me take you straight to the mechanic himself and find out what he can do for you!

I am talking about the Windows application called EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Free which enables you to recover your lost files from your Android Smartphone. You can check out their other products of data recovery as well including EaseUS data recovery and Android data recovery.

To start with, download the free Software from their website and install it on your Windows operating system. After you’re done, launch the app and connect the Android phone from which the data has to be recovered to the system using a USB cable. The app will automatically analyze your device and revert back to you with all the data it could find on the phone. For recovery, you can preview all the data recovered. Then go on to select the individual files you want to recover and click the recover button. Your data has been recovered safely to your system and you can use it anyway you want.

The best reason for recommendation of this app would be its simplified and user friendly interface that’s easy to work with. Even a person who doesn’t know how to operate a computer can use this; it’s that simple. For example, after all the data is recovered, it’s sorted out in different categories for the sake of making it easy for you to find them. So if it was a contact that you deleted by mistake, there is a separate section to look out for and you wouldn’t have to get your eyes through all the thousands of files you have in your phone. Also, as most probably you are searching for the files that you deleted by mistake, you can tick the option to show you the recovered files only. That’s makes your job a hell lot of easier, right!

The app is compatible with almost all the Android devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS and you can use it for SD cards as well. So no matter if there’s a virus or you’ve restored the factory settings of your phone, EaseUS MobiSaver is always there for you. Though the app is available for free, the full version is available for $19.95. So which one you choose?

Pros: intuitive UI; compatible with android phones, tablets and SD card; recover SMS, contacts, videos, images, audio and documents; free version available.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.