There are a lot of apps on the internet that help you test your brain. These apps will be great fun, addictive and challenging and also aids you in testing your knowledge. On my search for one such app, I came across Mindoo – General Knowledge FlashCards.

Given by Patrick Dittrich, Mindoo belongs to the Education category and is available in both the App Store and the Play Store. This unique app allows you to learn from the different categories like Art, People, Miscellaneous, Politics and Economy, Sport, Geography, Transportation and Traffic. The app can be played offline anywhere and at any time.

Mindoo can be used with just a few swipes as you click on any category you need. The app allows you to test your knowledge on the seven different categories. Just choose a topic, answer the questions for yourself and check if you have gotten them right. The app is so vast and is loaded with a lot of questions under diverse categories that are very interesting. If you have answered them right, just tick the right icon or else choose the wrong icon and that’s it. Now you can see your score after having attended all the answers in the questions below.

Mindoo allows you to answer carefully chosen questions on GK, with popular exciting facts. Users will have 15 free categories in this basic version. The Home icon of the app has options like instructions, score per topic, the share button and a lot more. In this app, users can choose the game mode to be original or shuffle.

Mindoo has got a very simple and neat user interface that helps us use it without any interference. It is suitable for all those in the family who wish to learn and improve themselves. It is free for download that comes with in-app purchases so that you can buy different packages by subject. There are around 130 categories in the paid version of the app. The app is updated often and so it would be a great motivation for you to check-in often and play the game.

Mindoo is one of the best quiz game app I have ever come across and I bet everyone will like it. This app greatly helped me improve my knowledge and has many unique benefits. Download Mindoo now and see how you can refresh your knowledge. Go on! keep answering and test your knowledge. 

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