When you think about the problems in your smart phone, the first one that pops into your head is battery consumption. However, most of us fail to realise the importance of speed and efficiency. Imagine a scenario where an app takes so long to open on your phone that you would rather not use it. And this is not the fault of the app but your phone because it is not efficient. This is where speed comes into the picture. Having a smart phone that runs very slowly is really not worth it after all. DU Speed Booster is here to take care of this for you.


As you use more apps, more and more cache files and junk files are stored on your device. Also, more background processes are running at a given point of time. while we may not notice, this actually slows down your phone. To bring your phone to optimal performance, you should use the Android app DU Speed Booster. This is a complete solution that will look into every aspect that affects the speed of your phone and optimises it.

Using the app is quite a pleasing experience. Once you download and install it, you need a decent data connection to try it out. To run the optimization process, you simply have to push the rocket icon that points upwards. Once you do this, your phone will be optimised in a matter of seconds. You initially just need to set up the toggles and switches as per your priority.


DU Speed Booster comes with a host of tools to help you make your phone run efficiently. There are five core tools that can be accessed from the landing page of the app and two other utilities. Phone Boost is an accelerator that helps make the apps currenly in use faster. It checks the background app and closes those that are not performing any useful work. It will save you a good amount of memory space. You can set apps to suto kill and schedule sessions to boost your phone.

The Trash Cleaner tool, as the name suggests, removes trash files from your app. these may include deleted files, unusable data, APKs or data from previously installed apps to recyclable files and more. You can delete just anything permanently from here. There is also an App Manager tool that makes the process of installing and uninstalling apps very easy. All apps, including Bloatware and those that you do not use can be removed, irrespective of where they reside. It includes an APK manager that detects APKs that have not been installed,


Besides just keeping your phone fast, this app also ensures security for you. It has a privacy manager and an antivirus too. A lot of apps and processes that come from malware might actually end up slowing down your phone. This is why this app takes care of that with its antivirus scanner. For the gamers, there is a Game Booster function that has been specially built to speed up your games.

DU Speed Booster is available for free download from the Play store. It is a must have app if you wish to keep the performance of your app optimal.

Good: Variety of tools

Bad: None

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