Finally got the unique combination of fun with puzzle. Its a good day for IOS users to play this beautiful and fantastic animation game. The game consists of various logics and twists with cute animations. The makers of AZZL, Juitful told that the game features almost one hundred cartoon stories. The fantastic animations and unique characters and the artwork engaged with the game will make your lips smile continuously with fun.The game is not restricted any age, anyone who plays the game will jump with joy and have lots and lots of fun and it turns your day to be a jolly day.This game is mainly a combination of simple puzzles with lovely animations.


In this game it includes of tapping and sliding. You have to move tap and slide the pieces to complete the pictures.It looks to be silly but in there lies the real fun. while you are moving the pieces even the pictures also will be moving too.To add extra fun there are several shapes of pieces like the triangles, circles,squares,waves,zigzags and many other shapes you can find in them.Once you finish fixing all the pieces, a cute character will be revealed that brings you the best fun.There are around 100 character to be revealed and as per the information from the makers there will be a special reward for the champs who finishes all the levels.

There are many unique features in this game which makes you feel this game as an unique one.The puzzles you find in the game are very unique which you can’t find in other games.The little secrets which ponder your are of large in number. The best feature in this game is that there are no app-purchases which empty our pockets when we are addicted to it. The inclusion of huge number of cartoon stories and fantasies makes the game more of realistic nature. Once you enter into this game of innovative puzzles you can’t even turn to other games as this game will add much of fun, laughter and endless joy to your day.

The puzzles keeps you guessing about the upcoming cartoons and the charming animations are entertaining. Like chocolate sauce to your vanilla ice cream there will be a kooky music which adds an extra decent flavor to the game. The controls of the game are very user-friendly and the interface is very interactive.This ultimate game takes you out of this boring world and introduces to a new world of fantasy and fun which is really hard to leave.

If you are looking for a game with an innovative,addicting and a fun game which sharps your brain too,then i would promptly recommend this game to you.There is no bullish stuff which makes you get bored. The more you play the more you enjoy the game and will fall love with it. Enjoy the game and add fun to your life.

If you want to just check out the cute cartoons which are used in the game then just watch the teaser of the game on youtube. Here is the link for you.

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