Whether you’re a small business organization or a medium-scale enterprise, Redbooth is the saviour application when it comes to Task Collaboration and Project Management. They already have a web version being used by more than 400,000 organizations and now they’ve rolled out their Android version as well to make sure that even if you travel a lot, you’re never out-of-touch.

So Redbooth is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS. They also have apps for iPhone and iPad. You can check them out as well.


Redbooth, unlike any usual Project Manager, is more of a collaboration platform where you can communicate with your team members effortlessly. When you first start with the application, you’ll find notifications regarding different tasks that you’ve been assigned and also the tasks and conversations that you’re a part of. Clicking on a task opens up further details like deadline, attached files, comments by other team members, etc. So everything related to a particular task is available under one roof and easily accessible. You can update any completion of a project or discuss problems with other teammates and even tag a third person who’s not a part of your team. He will get an email and can reply corresponding to the same. In-app notes allow multiple people to create and edit a document at the same time. So everyone can add his/her own bits from time to time.

Redbooth has successfully integrated most of the cloud services so that you can instantly access your documents stored on cloud and attach them to a task. The long list includes Box, Copy, Google Drive, MS Project, Evernote, AppGuru, Testlodge and many more. So whichever is the cloud service you’re subscribed to, now you’re always connected to it with Redbooth. While the app requires you to always be connected with the internet for any changes to be implemented, you can work offline as well. So the next time you’re connected, everything will get synced automatically.


Redbooth has managed to incorporate most of the features and functionalities of its online counterpart in this application very intuitively. While there are separate slots for tasks and conversations on the dashboard itself, there’s a powerful search button at the helm of the screen allows you to find any document or piece of conversation in a matter of seconds. All the different projects that you’re a part of are lined up under a hidden menu that can be accessed from the top left. With such smooth navigation, you have everything on your fingertips.

Redbooth has an exclusive section for reporting and analysis. As a team head, it’s your responsibility to keep the workloads as gradual as possible among team members, make sure the efficiency of each member is above par and keep a continuous flow of work. But now, Redbooth will calculate all those figures and present to you a detailed statistical analysis that’s easy to understand and implement.

While the app is available for free, the paid subscription plans start from $5/user/month which is very affordable. Also, you get a 30-day free trial.

So overall, Redbooth is a permanent solution to all your recurring management problems.

Pros: manage tasks effortlessly; most cloud-based services integrated for quick access; neat interface design; detailed analysis and reporting; offline mode; free trial available.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having app – Download the App