Every trader should consider the benefits and the drawbacks of the financial market before investing. Forex is a market which requires less resource to get on track. It is also the only market that gives high flexibility when it comes to time. This makes forex market the best choice for novices and pros alike.

‘Azu – Forex beginner’s course’ is a brilliant mobile based application that gives updates based on forex alerts, commodity score and index score daily. One can never miss any updates on currency alerts like forex, multiple currency, index, commodity and crypt alerts.

Developed by:

‘Azu – Forex beginner’s course’ is developed and offered by ‘Mdunge’.

How the app works:

Download and launch ‘Azu – Forex beginner’s course’ in your smart phone or other devices. Enter into the app to enjoy the benefits it offers. You can get forex alerts daily. This app comprises of a wide range of currencies which includes currency pairs, commodities and indices. You can skip all those troublesome task of checking the websites over and over again just to simply get an update on the progressing forex currency strength. You do not have to worry about reliability as the app has its updates from trusted and verified sources. Simply subscribe to the daily currency alert and turn on your notifications. You will also be able to share the forex notifications with your friends and family.

Features of the app:

Azu – Forex beginner’s course’ has many attractive features. Some of these are listed below here.

  • Trusted and reliable source
  • Get instant alerts on the forex market and be informed of the industry
  • Get trading tips
  • Learn every day about forex