Paxful is a very popular peer to peer crypto exchange platform that is being used by most companies nowadays. A website when developed using paxful clone software has so many methods of payment which are preferred by users worldwide for crypto exchange. Using this paxful clone software, users can buy crypto currency from any specified seller across the world and who uses any fiat currency. And in order to start a crypto exchange website that is like paxful, you need to use paxful clone software.

Features of paxful clone software:

  • Escrow wallet
  • KYC verification
  • User friendly
  • Two factor authentication
  • GDPR complaint
  • Proximity match
  • Dispute resolution

Why people prefer paxful?

There are many reasons why Paxful is preferred by many people.

  • Secure transaction between the seller and the buyer
  • The exchange that takes place between the buyer and the seller isvery reliable
  • It allows over 300 different payment methods for users who can choose whichever method to pay for their transactions and trade.
  • The exchange uses an advanced escrow payment option among the buyer and the seller. The admin’s wallet will be the point where grow crypto takes place till the transaction gets over.

Where to get paxful clone software?

You can avail the services of any leading crypto exchange development company. Such companies give the best paxful clone software that are equipped with advance features to help you in starting your own Blockchain development company. Make sure that the firm you purchase the software from provides you 24*7 customer support to enhance your platform.