Don’t miss your chance to have a great time with the new app for Android! Colorful and epic adventure “Eat me” is suitable for everyone age 1-99. Both kids and elderly – not to mention adults – will be excited to kill a few hours playing this amazing game for FREE.

Start to play “Eat me!” now!

In the underwater world there is only one rule – eat others or you will be eaten soon! Don’t wait for the bigger dish to end the mind-blowing hunting adventure – eat other fishes and grow in order to be the biggest fish in the area. You’ll need to be fast and brave to survive in this thrilling world. Don’t want to become a lunch for other fishes? Then attack other fishes as soon as possible!


The gameplay

Start you underwater adventure as a tiny humble fish and be careful with other fishes – all they want is to eat you now! Look out! At first, while you are too small, you can just escape their frequent attacks by pooping eggs and hiding. Once you are ready, you can start to attack small fishes by yourself and become bigger. Here the fun begins! Eat different fishes and split yourself to strike faster. Your primary goal is simple – to stay on top of the food chain. While other fishes are afraid of you, you are safe; so, continue hunting and improve your skills nonstop.


Game controls:

• Taps
• Joystick

Discover the mysterious underwater world full of hidden treasures and sunken ships with your brave fish that is going to be bigger and bigger. However, there is something more about this game except the constant eating and hunting action.

Other cool features of the game “Eat me!” include but are not limited to:

1. Five different colorful fishes to choose from
2. Social sharing that enables you to share your score with friends
3. The leaderboard
4. Beautiful sceneries
5. Up to 100 players per one game!


Don’t play alone!

Challenge your Facebook friends and enjoy this small yet addictive game for Android together. Invite them to join your hunting battle and let the best fish win! The most powerful, dominant fish will appear at the top of the leaderboard, while others can always share their scores to show who rules here. Today you are the biggest fish, and tomorrow somebody can easily eat you. Watch out and don’t stop playing! There is a lot going on in the underwater world you had no idea about!

Get the app today

Are you already excited to start the scary hunting adventure? Download “Eat me!” today for free and play together with family and friends. The bright, colorful world full of various fishes drawn with love and care is waiting for you! Are you ready to show who is the boss here? Become the biggest fish in the area and challenge others to compete with you.

What’s new?

• The numerous glitches were finally fixed. and players can enjoy the game on the whole new level now
• Frequently updated
• The network lag issues are also fixed
• Some changes were made to make the controlling process easier
• New features are coming soon, so keep in touch!If you haven’t checked out Eat Me App yet, visit play store asap. You are missing out on a lot of fun. If you are however enjoying the enthralling game alone, make it more interesting by inviting your friends to join in the battle of jaws

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