Icy Joe Free is a very interesting game with a mixture of adventures, arcade & action theme developed by “Art of bytes”. The story of the game flows around rescuing a cute little guy Joe, who fell deep down into a pit which is completely caved over with ice. The game allows you to control Joe and you need to bring him out of the cave to meet his pretty little Eskimo girl. Joe will be provided with a hammer as the weapon, so you need to use the hammer wisely and smash the giant ice cubes and kill other vicious animals which attacks Joe inside the caves.

The game controls are very simple and easy to use. Just tilt your android device in the desired direction to move Joe to that direction. The Left side controller is to attack with the big hammer whereas the right side control is to Jump. Use the Jump button wisely while sliding to bounce upwards. You can move the giant ice blocks by holding the hammer button to grab the ice block and by tilting your device to the direction you wish to move. You can collect valuable items on your way in the cave adventures which will give you points. You will face a mixture of poisonous creatures and icy creatures inside the cave. You need to kill all of them to keep by smashing them with hammer in order to save yourself and to gain more and more points. You will have few life points. Before the life points turns zero you need to reach the target.

The graphics is designed in a way to express the icy cold conditions perfectly and it makes you involve more into the game. The cute little expressions of Joe are designed perfectly which gives players an enthusiasm to get addicted to play this game. The animals are designed to be perfect for this game and cold conditions which matches the theme perfectly. The achievements includes finishing particular number of levels, smashing particular number of animals, Collecting coins, finishing with 3 stars, etc.

You have few achievements for your failure to complete the levels too. The game has more than 50 levels to keep you interested and alive. Just complete each challenges by guessing the right movements. Survive each level with the help of hammer, unlock the achievement, rule out each cave and reach the sunny world to meet Joe’s pretty wife.

The game is perfect for all android devices which has android OS 2.0.1 and above. Every android device owner must try this game which is more entertaining and fun filled. Make you moves as fast as you can and make Joe survive and complete each level with a lot of coins and unlock all achievements and quickly make him meet his pretty woman. Just try out the free version and you will be completely satisfied and convinced to buy the paid version for $2. It’s really worth giving a try on your android device.

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