AudioZest is a 3D music player application for Android, developed by Bit Cauldron that offers interesting options for enhancing your music sound. You can easily notice the difference in sound, as the app provides a fuller and surely a warmer sound to the music, with the 3D sound effect offering you a great 3D stereo sound experience. It helps put the music back where it was originally meant to be by the artist and makes the sound seem to come from speakers, so that you can enjoy it just as you do your home theater. It is a showcase application for Audio Cauldron Headphone Engine.



  • Headphone listening is more like listening to home theater with great 3D sound effects.
  • Stereo as well as multichannel audio are converted into binaural audio.
  • The app can be integrated as well as tested effectively in the Windows and Android APIs.
  • It has a 3D settings screen, where you can make adjustments to virtual speakers, which are a part of the virtual room surrounding you.
  • For instance, you can use the speakers present at 30 degrees to the left or right of the center or the standard surround configuration. You can then pull them in from the standard 30 degrees by a few degrees, say to 22.5 degrees, such as the ones used in a cinema.


  • The virtual speaker can be placed anywhere around you and at any angle, even behind you.
  • The sound is not merely limited to the disc, as the user can move it anywhere around in a hemisphere of 3D, with the inclusion of overhead speakers as well.
  • You can place the speakers directly overhead as well.
  • It also offers a 3D icon button, by which you can turn the effect on or off.
  • All other features of standard media players, such as sorting by the Artist or the title or by the playlist are also offered.
  • If you want to play a particular item at once, you can long tap it or hold it down. You can also add the item to the queue of songs.


The Good

The software of this app can be embedded inside the product, so that it becomes exclusive and can be run in any app and can also be downloaded directly from the website to use immediately. This makes it easy for customers to offer products containing this app. You can also enjoy the music as if it were coming from your home theater. It is easy and simple to adjust the virtual speakers anywhere around you. You can even get a voice of God effect, by placing the virtual speaker right above your head. The app can also increase the value of the software or application in which it is used.

The Bad

There are some small changes in the music enjoyed with headphones replacing the studio monitors.


Traditional speakers offer sound that reaches both the ears at about the same time and also the same volume. The AudioZest 3D music player from Bit Cauldron is a free app that allows the sound to blow around you, as you can adjust the virtual speakers anywhere in the virtual room, even behind you. This app is available for the Android, as well as Windows and ARM.

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