People have recently happened to come across and stumble upon Fast Talkie – Zello from Lock Screen while doing regular roundup of the popular Play Store apps, and they were immensely intrigued since it looked like special. This Fast Talkie – Zello from Lock Screen app was something set it apart from the others. They have admitted that it was wholly satisfied with quality experience by this accolade of gem. For the developer’s successful release on the Play Store, people trust that they have done a splendid job with app of Fast Talkie – Zello from Lock Screen.

People raise question what is Fast Talkie? Generally Fast Talkie permits Zello users to send Push-to-talk messages with a locked device screen by using the volume down button.

Why Fast Talkie

Absolutely Effective

With Fast Talkie employees can communicate and respond to each other more effectively and efficiently.

It saves Time

With Fast Talkie sending a Push-to-Talk message could be performed by pressing couple button which saves you from the hassle of unlocking your device over and over again.

Ready On-the-Go

Fast Talkie permits you to send messages without looking at the device screen.

Fastest way to start or reply to PTT

  • Press Power button to wake up phone
  • Hold Volume Down to PTT in the previously selected Zello Channel

Setup Required

  • Install Fast Talkie
  • Enable Permissions – Draw over Apps & Device Administrator
  • Choose a Zello Contact or Channel
  • Press Power button to lock your phone

How to Setup Fast Talkie on Zello

Once you download & Install Fast Talkie, you can open the app to complete the setup process mentioned below

  • Enable Draw Over Other Apps
  • Activate Device Admin
  • FT Service – (Enable)

Zello (Intent)

Select Zello Intent > Lock Screen Now > Try Fast Talkie

Zello (Media)

If Fast Talkie doesn’t work with Zello (Intent), Select Zello (Media) & follow the Setup Instructions (below).

Zello Setup Instructions

  • Open Zello App
  • Go to Options
  • Select Push-to-Talk Buttons
  • Plug in Headset ( 1 or 3 Button)
  • Select Add Button
  • Press Media Button on Headset, Headset Hook is setup
  • Go to Zello Contacts > Select user, you want to talk.
  • Go to Fast Talkie App & Press LOCK SCREEN NOW
  • Press Volume Down Button on device to send PTT Message

Headset Settings

  • Wired/Bluetooth Headset (1 Button)
  • 1 Button Headsets allows users to send PTT Messages via Toggle Mode.

Example – Press Media button to Start Message. Press Again to End Message.


Fast Talkie – Zello from Lock Screen is a special title where users will be coming back over again, and I highly suggest it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a unique features of the app.