Puzzle games are always interesting. It is played by everyone irrespective of age.   Having fun with puzzles reinforces the connections between our brain cells, forming new ones in the process, and aids short-term memory. A jigsaw puzzle requires memory to complete because it requires us to recall shapes, sizes, and pieces and visualize where each piece fits. Alzheimer’s patients can reduce the amount of brain damage they suffer from by forming new connections in their brains.

Our brains are stimulated by puzzles, but they are also calming. Our minds are only focused on one task when we are working on a puzzle. That allows our brains to enter a meditative state. We’ll be able to deal with stress more effectively this way. So are you ready to play a super fun Puzzle game then just download KouKou Love: Tap Blast puzzle game right now and enjoy unlimited fun. 

Have a BLAST with this new puzzle game featuring a compelling cast of Universal and DreamWorks Animation characters – Universal KouKou Love: Tap Blast!

A brand new puzzle game with amazing rewards is waiting for you, featuring characters such as Hiccup and Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, Alex from Madagascar, Po from Kung Fu Panda, Felix the Cat, Waldo, and more! Collect new items and win new characters by unlocking levels and enjoy a new adventure with Universal’s beloved characters.

**Create powerful combos to blast everything away**
Match and make the right moves to create special combos. Enjoy blasting the obstacles and winning challenging levels!

**Beat challenging levels and unlock new items and gameplay**
It’s no fun if everything is easy! With plenty of new game modes and power-ups, there will always be new challenges to beat.

**Discover beloved characters from Universal and DreamWorks Animation**
Travel the world with Felix the Cat, Waldo, Alex, and many more by beating levels and completing puzzles. A giant-sized collection of tiny-sized cuteness, coming together to celebrate everyday moments through love!

Game Features:

  • A match-3 game with fun levels and challenging missions!
  • Earn endless treasure chests with magnificent rewards!
  • Daily rewards and quests keep everyday gaming fun!
  • Lots of new game modes waiting to be unlocked!
  • Discover the journey of beloved Universal and DreamWorks Animation characters!
  • Join a team and help each other with free lives and more!


All-time nonstop fun is all that you gain by playing the KouKou Love puzzle game. Never think twice about downloading this puzzle game from the Play Store