iPhones and smart phones alike have ultimately changed the way we see life and enjoy the privileges brought to us by various innovations. For one, different apps are being launched day by day to make our lives a whole lot more convenient and easy, not to mention how their versions are regularly updated to deal with some existing bugs and glitches.

Smart Searchis a fast and reliable mobile browser for search and surfing Web. This iOS app will help you find the information you generally need even when you use various services and search engines. Labeled as an app that is “much more convenient than other browsers like Opera, Firefox or Chrome”, more and more iPhone and even android users are switching to this mobile browser.

With over two million users, Smart Search is able to garner an average rating of five stars from the app’s initial version. Let’s take a closer look and discover how amazing this mobile browser app can be in terms of web search and browsing.


This mobile search and web browsing app, available for both Android and iOS users, works perfectly, thanks to “rapid launch” as well as to it rich-featured search box and advanced options that make it a lot easier to open and use the app for internet surfing and let users to quickly switch to many other services. This includes YouTube, Yahoo, Google, Bing, Amazon Images, eBay, Twitter, Wikipedia, and even Translate. It is likewise loaded with colorful and beautiful design themes that are in-charge of its good aesthetics.

User Interface

Aside from its full screen mode for excellent viewing and quick search, this app has been an alternative for manual offline search according to many iPhone users, saying that the search engine provides the best and the latest results in their device. Many also commend that the interface appears customizable and ads are very limited in their search results.

The app has an integrated readability function with the ability to transform huge articles to convenient view option for easy reading, not to mention its smart visual history for a faster access to most recent visited websites.

User Experience

Loaded with advanced features for effective browsing and content sharing, this Smart Search app as well as its auto-complete feature makes it effortless to enter the search query while typing. With it, the user can also switch to other services in just a few taps. Imagine how much time and effort you can save in creating a bunch of shortcuts and relatively manage your Bookmarks when browsing.

Its popularity and usability have both been amplified after a few bug fixes were launched during its latest updates.

The Verdict

What are you waiting for? Open iTunes, buy and download Smart Search now. You surely won’t regret trying it. Explore the app and feel free to let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.

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