I have loads of contacts in my mobile but I am unaware about who is interested in me. Do they have real intentions or they just use us to satisfy their selfish needs. We need all these questions answered and Am I Loved helps you with that. It greatly helps us to fix the dates with people we already know. Let us take on how it actually works. 

The app belongs to the ‘Dating’ category in the Play Store. Just as you download Am I Loved, it helps you to choose the language of your preference which can be either English or Spanish. The app asks you to agree to certain terms and conditions in order to ensure that the app is not misused. It is suitable only to those who are above 18 years of age. 

Am I Loved works by asking you to choose contacts from your phone. It takes about 4 hours to confirm the contact so that you don’t have any second thoughts. Later on, the app sends notifications to those who are being selected by us. They then have their freedom to confirm if they like us. We also have the freedom to choose the number of confirmations they need to make and the date and time before which you want them to confirm. The app helps your refining process much easier and once they confirm, you can date with them. It relieves you from the fear of dating unknown people as you already know those whom you prefer to go on a date with. 

Am I Loved is much useful when you want to find a partner just for a coffee or for life. It gives the match between you and your contact along with their phone numbers. Using the mail id: amiloved@yahoo.com, people can contact the developer for any feedback or queries. You can report any abusive, illicit or inappropriate content here as well. 

Am I Loved has options that help you set the hidden mode ON/OFF and the confirmations mode ON/OFF. You also have choices to change your phone number and mark the notifications to be ON/OFF. There is a help and about section here for your better understanding. The app is compatible with all Android devices that work on Android 5.0 or later versions and comes with in-app purchases. If you make a purchase for £1.99, you will be able to use the app without any ads. 

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