Do you ever wish you could drive a bus? The bus simulator 17 provides you with an opportunity to learn how to drive a bus.

It provides the user with realistic environments, very detailed designed buses with realistic-looking interiors that would give you the feeling as if you were driving a real moving vehicle.


It was released as an android app and can be downloaded through their online store. The app has an ultra-realistic next-gen 3D graphics that makes other simulation apps of its kind look backdated.

This app will let you create your own personalized routes and allow you to drive through them. It provides a very beautiful and exciting experience. Bus Simulator begins with users selecting their choice of a bus from a variety of buses including well-designed double deckers and school buses.

Then you can climb in behind the virtual wheel and drive out to the roads picking passengers or testing their driving skills.


The bus simulator 17 possesses features such as:

Life-like controls such as GPS, trafficators, mirror positioning, gauges, Weather settings that can be customized Improved AI traffic simulator Automatic or manual transmission that uses an H-pattern gearbox Very real-looking visual damage from collisions with trees and other obstacles Realistic cities Open and close door button Detailed interiors Challenge opportunity with friends online Multi-player mode, free ride mode Limitless possibilities (ability to leave the city and drive through mountains and deserts)

User interface

The application is designed for use in iPhones, iPods and iPod touch. Basically, it requires an ios 8.0. An Android version is available on Google play.

This application loads easily and requires a memory size of 396 MB. The app produces great sound effects, improved traffic, and really cool weather conditions.

Worth Having App – Download the App