Whenever you need a creative method to share your pictures, you go into your Flickr account and share them with your friends.  If you need to find a certain picture out of the millions that you have already uploaded, it’s time for Flicksplorer.  Flicksplorer allows you to see a library of your favorite Flickr pictures in a collage-kind of way.  The best part about Flicksplorer is that you can easily browse through pictures and find the one you’re looking for, faster.  Take your pictures on-the-go with your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and display them in family reunions, class reunions, parties as well as get-togethers with your best friends.

There is a lot of difference between a library where you get to look picture by picture and a library where you can easily scroll down through many pictures until you find the one you’re looking for.  If you like to see them in a list, all you need to do is tap the view button on the upper right corner of the screen.  If you would like to see when and where the pictures were taken, all you need to do is tap on the picture and read the details on the bottom of your screen.  You can easily find out what the Flickr Pandas are up to with Flicksplorer with just a tap on your screen.  You can also do a search on the pictures you would want to find from other users as well as your own as long as you named it.

The best part about Flicksplorer is that you can have as many pictures as you want on your phone and this application will find them all if you uploaded them through Flickr.  Swiping may take forever if you have a lot of pictures, but it seems reasonable to visualize the picture you’re looking for before searching the photo wall.  The photo wall is never empty with Flicksplorer, so if you see your pictures again and again, it’s because the point of Flicksplorer is to have a collage of pictures which you can search and find your favorite pictures efficiently.  Once you tap on it once, you get a thumbnail of the picture, so you have to tap on it again to see the full-sized picture on the Flickr page.

Also, if you would like to see where the picture was taken, the person taking the picture should put the location on the application so that other users can take advantage of this feature.  When you’re on Flicksplorer, just tap on the picture and look for the icon on the bottom right of the screen in order to find the location of the picture.  This seems great for backpackers as well as family vacation planning in advance.  The maps are courtesy of Google Maps and they have that pinpointed location available for you, anytime and anywhere.  If you want to see the Satellite Picture instead of the map, all you need to do is scroll from left to right or vice versa at the bottom of the screen.

As far as pricing goes, Flicksplorer may not have as much features as other application, but it sure is one of a kind.  The price for this application is ninety nine cents on the Apple App Store and it does look great.  One of the best aspects of this application is the ability to find important landmarks whenever you’re visiting other countries.  You can also post your own pictures on landmarks and important places wherever you live so that others can see your pictures on Flickr and easily find the place.

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