AgriApp is generated by enthusiastic experts who want to make agriculture more ecologically and economically sustainable. This is a Farmer’s Agriculture App that will be highly beneficial to the farming community.

AgriApp is a complete crop production and management solution. It offers the most up-to-date information on crop production, relevant crop protection, smart farming with agriculture, and related services. It is an information portal and an online marketplace, bringing together farmers, agricultural input, retailers, and fulfilment services on a single digital platform. 

What AgriApp Has to Offer?

Crop Practices

Discover the Science and Art of Agriculture at your leisure with Packages of Practices (PoPs) for each crop. This Agri Experts App will provide detailed information on Climate, Propagation, Fertilizers, Irrigation, and other topics. 

Crop Advisory 

With the Crop Advisory, you can get real-time agricultural advice from Agri Experts. If you have a question about Crop Advisory or Protection, you can get Agri-Advisory services in your local language via Chat, Videos, or Images. These services include weather, disease, latest crop price, Soil Health, and Nutrition deficiency.

Crop Solutions & Market Value

AgriApp encourages farmers to purchase solutions for their farming needs rather than products. Crop Tonics, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Spreaders, and other products are available through AgriApp or visit

Crop Care

On a real-time basis, AgriApp provides a personalised crop calendar of various events for your planned crop for the whole set of operations. A crop advisor curates each farmer and crop’s specific needs. The Crop Calendar improves farm efficiency and productivity.

Soil Testing: Determine Your Soil’s Expected Growth and Potential

By analysing soil samples, we provide solutions to agricultural industries and farmers. They provide soil analysis and testing services to determine the amount of essential nutrients for fertility, pH, and lime.

Satellite Insights:

You can now monitor the form using satellite imagery to get your farm’s vegetative growth, moisture, and stress from anywhere in real-time satellite imagery and do preventive measures against pest attacks and diseases, and water management, which allows farmers to do organic farming and integrated crop management.

Weather and Future Climate Predictions

AgriApp will assist you in understanding the future climate expectations 5 days in advance, depending on your location, including time, condition, and temperature.

Videos and News:

Receive up-to-date data on agriculture from around the globe. With this e-farming app, you can access agricultural news and videos. Keep up to date on recent trends and learn about innovative happenings in sustainable agriculture.

Final Words

AgriApp is the best Indian Agriculture App that assists farmers in various ways, including crop advisory, soil testing, drone services, crop practices, and much more.