In our globalized world, where transportation is luxuriously facilitated, learning a new and foreign language is extremely useful. Not only does it help while you are travelling, but it also serves as a great advantage if you wish to pursue a career or education abroad. Acquiring a second language is extremely useful. Especially learning the language of a foreign region will give great many advantages. It also helps you in developing the mental abilities of your body at all ages.

If you are planning on going to Africa on a trip or a career prospect, learning the language of Zulu would be an added advantage. You will be fascinated by the Zulu language and its culture. Take some time from your daily routine and learn the difficult words of the Zulu language. The new and improved mobile app called ‘Zulu Reader: ZULU LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR’ is a great way to learn this beautiful language. Learn Zulu language with its words one by one with the meaning, pronunciation and usage in this app. Check out this amazing app instantly.

The ‘Zulu Reader: ZULU LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR’ is a great way to play interesting quiz games. Take a break from the usual bland quiz games you play and test yourself on your knowledge of the Zulu culture and tradition and become a part of this legendary tribe.

Developed by:

This app is developed by Mdunge and is available for free.

How the app works:

Download and install the app on your device. Learn the syllables, Zulu language, take quizzes and improve your knowledge of the Zulu culture. Continuously keep playing to improve on your scores.

Features of the app:

  • Learn the syllables and culture of Zulu language
  • Take quizzes to test yourself
  • Listen to the pronunciations

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