‘Kiss you’ is a new android app developed by FanAppsOrg, listed in the entertainment category. This free app is exclusively available in the android market and is compatible with android versions 2.1 or up.

Kiss you is a simple to use app. When you open it you see a single kiss at first and then multiple kisses pop up on your screen. This app can be open on top of other apps, meaning while other apps are running in the background you can open ‘kiss you’ and send kisses to your loved ones. You can even share this app with your facebook friends and invite them to get this free, fun app. The kisses appear on the screen just like nudges do in text messengers. This means when you send free kisses to someone and they click on the notification, their whole screen gets filled up with kisses. The red lipped kisses are accompanied by cute kissing sounds.

This is just a fun way of saying I love you to someone. It might not always be possible to call your loved ones. But with ‘kiss you’; you can remind your boyfriend or girlfriend how you feel, any time of the day. Imagine a busy day at work, just after a boring meeting your boyfriend, girl friend or spouse receives a dozen kisses from you. You will make them feel loved by simply sending them kisses with a few clicks. ‘Kiss you’ has made giving someone this gesture of sweetness, a lot easier for you. It is more fun than typing the typical ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’. Whether you want to express your feelings or remind someone how special they are or simply want to wish someone luck ‘kiss you’ just gives you a new way of doing that.

This free app made it to the editor’s choice in the android market. Currently it has an average rating of 4.4 and since it’s free, it is definitely worth a download.

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