The ChessSetArt App for Android powered phones and tablets takes everyone by surprise. This is not a game app. This does not make great chess players of users. Instead, it makes a deep impact by presenting to users some of the best chess sets ever made in history. The app brings to users the story behind exquisitely crafted chess sets by masters of the art and turns the phone into a theater.


The ChessSetArt is a collection of more than twenty documentaries on historical chess sets and who made them. It becomes a treasure trove for chess aficionados who can read and watch little movies on their favorite chess pieces. This is also very convenient to use and does not require any internet connection.


  • The ChessSetArt App from GooglePlay is compatible for Android powered devices and requires a minimum of Android 2.2 and later version.
  • The app, version 1.0.2, is produced by Prairie Media Inc.
  • ChessSetArt is a collection of 25 short documentaries and talks about the most stunning chess pieces ever made.
  • Each of these mini documentaries deals with historically important chess sets. Some of these were created by Russian genius Faberge, Salvador Dali, Man Ray, the Dadaist, and many more.
  • There are chess sets which have been included in the app due to their historical as well as political importance to the game of chess.


  • There are different narrators for different documentaries. Some of them are Susan Polgar and Sarah Coffin, Graham Beal and Vivian Dean and Dr. George. Polgar is the first woman chess grandmaster while Coffin is the Curator at Smithsonian National Design Museum. Beal is the Director of the Detroit Institute of Arts and both Dr. George and Dean are the chess set collectors.
  • Users can select any chess set and learn about the inception and evaluation of its design and transformations through the ages. They could also choose to go for all the documentaries serially.
  • The app, sized 564MB, contains thousands of stories, images, drawings, documents, important ideas, fact sheets and videos for chess fanatics to look through.
  • The app tells of the game and its changing faces through changing times and packs in a lot of information. There is a glass chess set, a porcelain set, a vintage chess set from the 16th century, one designed under the patronage of Catherine the Great and a silver chess set inspired by Islamic design elements.


Summary: The ChessSetArt is a one-stop app for amazing documentaries on amazing chess sets. It could be used by chess enthusiasts, players, teachers and almost everyone. Even those who are not particularly fascinated by the game could watch the documentaries for the vast knowledge they provide. This app is for users of all ages and being independent of internet connectivity, is a true any place, anytime app.

Good: Short, interesting documentaries offer vast information of vintage chess sets and the stories surrounding them.

Bad: A little difficult to interest those who are looking for an interesting game or those who don’t like chess matches.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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